Vibrator Instructions For Couples  
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Ready for the real truth?  Every woman at some time has lied about having an orgasm.  About 60 % of the female population don't reach an orgasm with penetration alone.  This fact has nothing to do with a partner's performance - it is an anatomical issue.   For every man that the thought of using a vibrator with his partner makes him feel threatened or inadequate - it's time to deal with reality.  A vibrator can enhance even the healthiest sexual relationship.  Using a vibrator on a woman's clitoris is the easiest way for most women to reach orgasm every time.  Learning how to use a vibrator correctly on a female partner can make you a great orgasmic lover - GUARANTEED! 

Introduction - Communication is the most important part of introducing a vibrator into couple play.  If neither partner has never used a vibrator before then personal experimentation is the place to start.   Begin with using the vibrator just to massage each other - it doesn't have to even be in the genital area.  Just concentrate on communicating to each other what feels good - use the vibrator just for arousal.  Take time - learn what is most pleasurable for your partner and for yourself.  

Vibrator Hints - Being stimulated properly is the key to enjoying a vibrator.  It is a combination of the right speed with the right pressure in the right spot.  

1.  Not all vibrators have the same intensity - always start slow and build up the level of intensity and pressure. If the vibrations are the right speed but seem too intense try draping a soft cloth between the clitoris and the vibrator or use lighter pressure.  

2.  Remember that most of a woman's sensitive areas are on the outside. 

3.  Lubrication always makes for a more pleasurable vibrator experience. 

4.  Vibrators placed in one spot have a tendency to cause numbing so remember to keep rotating lightly.  

Vibrators Use With Intercourse - If you want to create an incredible orgasm use a vibrator against a woman's clitoris during intercourse.  In addition to the standard vibrators that are available, some vibrators such as the clitoral vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris at the same time allowing vaginal penetration - all this and hands free too!  A vibrator can also be used during intercourse to create multiple orgasms for a woman. The secret is to back off of the pressure on her clitoris after the first orgasm, keep the vibrator moving in the same general area but avoid direct contact with her clit until the sexual energy builds back up again.  

G-Spot Vibrators With Intercourse - In order for a woman to have a  
G-spot orgasm your have to stimulate the G-Spot.  Start by locating the G-Spot with your finger.  The size and location of the G-Spot will vary from woman to woman, but it's usually about the size of a quarter, and lies two to three inches inside the vagina directly behind the pubic bone - you will know you are there when you reach an area that feels different from the vaginal wall.  The special curve of a G-Spot vibrator will help provide continuous stimulation to this area.   Rear entry provides the best access to the G-Spot - so start with the vibrator and finish with intercourse doggie style. 

Vibrators Use With Oral Sex - Vibrators can also be used to enhance oral sex by placing the vibrator on the genitals while oral stimulation is being performed.  Another really great way to use a vibrator during oral sex is having one partner use the vibrator for masturbation will giving oral stimulation to the to the other partner.  

Vibrators Use With Mutual Masturbation - Once you and your partner have reached a level of vibrator intimacy that allows both of you to feel comfortable, you might enjoy trying mutual masturbation together.  Men especially find watching a woman masturbate extremely erotic, and an added benefit is that it gives an idea of what their partner specifically needs to climax. Before you begin, discuss if your partner would prefer to masturbate in front of you, or just massage your genitals. Don't make orgasm the focus on the first time. Just enjoy the experience and concentrate on finding the strokes that work best for both of you.  

Vibrators Use With Anal Intercourse Anal play for couples can be very erotic and orgasmic. The safest vibrator to use for anal play is one that has been designed for that specific area of the body.  The anus is very sensitive. The most important thing is to use plenty of lubricant as the anus has no natural lubrication. Start by just touching and stroking the outside of the anus. When you feel you are ready, insert the vibrator, moving it in and out slowly.  Remember to use a condom on any anal vibrator if it is going to be shared or if you are using the same vibrator for multiple areas of the body.  Never use a vibrator that has been in the anal region on a woman's genitals or in her vagina until it has been thoroughly cleaned.  Failure to do so is a sure way of creating a severe female infection.  We strongly recommend using an adult toy cleaner. 

Once you have mastered some of the "Couple Vibrator Basics" you can combine your adult play with other fun vibrators;  underwater play with the water-proof variety, trying different vibrator shapes and materials, experimenting with various lubricants and tasty body massage oils.  The possibilities for great orgasmic sex are endless!!!  And remember the old saying - "The person with the most toys wins!" 

Also See:    
Vibrator Instructions For Women   
Vibrator Instructions For Men   


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